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Twitter data includes Tweets and associated metadata including geo data, images, and mentions. Gnip was the first authorized reseller of Twitter data. We provide realtime data as well as access to every publicly available Tweet dating back to the very first Tweet from March 21, 2006.

Whether you are looking for Tweets about specific keywords, high volumes of data, or historical data, we’ve got you covered! See the list of related products in the dropdown above for the access methods Gnip provides.

Types of Activities

Gnip products deliver the following types of activities from Twitter’s firehose. Each column in the table below indicates the type of data to expect in the key portions of the Activity Streams data format.

Type of Activity verb object actor target

Occurs when a user posts a new Tweet.
"post" The Tweet being created. The user posting the Tweet. N/A

Occurs when a user Retweets another user's Tweet, using Twitter's actual Retweet functionality, and doesn't include quoted Tweets or modified Tweets.
"share" The Tweet being shared. Your client should look here for original Tweet content, as Twitter may truncate them at the root level. For example, object.body and object.twitter_entities. The user who is Retweeting. The object.actor indicates the author of the original Tweet (the one being Retweeted). N/A

Other Activities and Data

“Favorite”, “Follow”, “Unfollow” and other similar activities are not activities sent through the firehose by Twitter. However, although they are not represented as unique activities, Twitter does include some information about these types of activities within the payloads of Tweets and Retweets. Specifically, see favoritesCount in the payloads of Retweets, and the followersCount and followingCount in the actor object of Tweets and Retweets.

Types of Access

Realtime Access
The following Gnip products provide realtime access to Twitter data, delivering it as it happens.

  • PowerTrack - firehose access based on Gnip’s PowerTrack filtering language
  • Decahose - 10% random sample of the realtime firehose
  • User Mention Stream - All Tweets in the firehose which mention a Twitter user.

Historical Access
The following Gnip products provide access to historical Twitter data, each with different access methods and intended uses.