Welcome to Gnip 2.0

Introducing new, enhanced versions of our core API products with instant access to new features and functionality.


Gnip 2.0 is the result of ongoing efforts by our product and engineering teams to upgrade and improve our core API products using rich new data available in Twitter systems. As part of Gnip 2.0, you’ll get access to new, enhanced versions of our core API products with instant access to new features and functionality.

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New Features

  • New Data Types and Enrichments: Take advantage of new URL metadata and a more powerful Klout enrichment to create new product experiences.
  • New Operators: Explore and discover Tweets in new ways using operators that enable you to filter on emojis, cashtags, quoted Tweets, and more.
  • More Powerful Rules and Queries: Further refine your filtering with the ability to build longer, more precise rules and queries to get you to the exact data you need.
  • Cross Product Parity: Create a more seamless customer experience through parity in operators, filtering, and enrichments across our core products.
  • Enhanced Reliability: We’ve increased the geographic diversity of the systems serving you data to give you even greater confidence you will get every Tweet you need.

Migration Resources

To help you migrate all of your current Gnip products to the 2.0 platform, we have created support documentation and other resources to make the process simple and easy:

Available Products

PowerTrack 2.0

PowerTrack 2.0 gives you access to new operators, enhanced enrichments, and longer, more powerful rules while still offering the enterprise-grade filtering you have come to know and trust.

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Replay 2.0

PowerTrack Replay 2.0 provides streaming access to a rolling window of recent Twitter historical data, and is a key data recovery tool.

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Historical PowerTrack 2.0

Historical PowerTrack, a job-based system, provides filtered access to the full archive of public Twitter data, enabling you to find and analyze any public Tweet — back to the very first one in 2006.

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30-Day Search API 2.0

30-Day Search 2.0 offers better pagination support, enhances enrichments, and longer, more powerful query capabilities while still providing instant access to the last 30 days of historical Twitter data.

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Volume Streams 2.0

Encompassing Decahose, Firehose, User Mention stream and more, Volume Streams 2.0 introduces stream partitioning and enhanced enrichments to your real-time Twitter data.

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Usage API 2.0

The Usage API is a REST API that provides up-to-the-minute programmatic access and visibility into activity consumption across Gnip products.

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