Instagram is the largest photo sharing platform in the world and the perfect source for visual social data. If you’re interested in a specific topic you can use the Tag Search stream and Geo Search stream to get exactly the data you need. Using our Data Collector you can connect to every stream at once and get the data in a normalized format with additional enrichments.

Gnip provides managed access to Instagram’s public API via the Data Collector. See below for details on the specific type of access supported, and sample payloads.

Data Collector Streams 

Input: Keywords

Output: Get media that has recently been tagged with the specified keywords.

  • Only single-term tags are supported (e.g. 'superbowl').
  • Rules attempting to search for mutliple terms separated by whitespace or punctuation characters (e.g. 'super-bowl' or 'super bowl' will result in errors from the Instagram API.
  • The Instagram API does not support OR functionality or other operators.

Input: point-radius geo location operators

Output: Media with geo location information from within a specified area.

  • Only point-radius type geo location rules are supported
  • Rules should be of the form point_radius:[lon lat radius] - with a maximum radius of 5km
  • For example to search for media from around NYC, use the rule point_radius:[-74.0064 40.7142 2km]
  • Keywords and other types of rules are not supported

Sample Payloads