Google+ is a social network that allows users to share content with “circles” of their peers. Google+ is one of the fastest growing social networks. With unique features like brand pages and communities users have lots of places to create content. Through our Data Collector we allow you to collect the public content specifying keywords to make you get only the updates, links, and photos you need.

Gnip provides managed access to Google+’s public API via the Data Collector. See below for details on the specific type of access supported, and sample payloads.

Data Collector Streams 

Input: Keywords and phrases

Output: Public activities on Google Plus based on a full-text search.

  • Multiple terms are ANDed together
  • Quoted terms act as an exact phrase match
  • Adding a – to a term acts as a NOT operator (e.g. “coca cola” –coke)
  • "locale" parameter
    • Google+ Keyword Search supports a locale: operator in conjunction with a keyword to retrieve data based on their language content classifications.
    • Usage: Add the locale parameter to your rule with a space separating it from the other terms, using the following example format, where 'it' is a valid locale referenced in Google+'s documentation, and 'IT' is a valid country-code: locale:it_IT
    • Example Rule: gatto locale:it_IT
    • You can find the full list of supported Language Codes in Google+'s Documentation HERE.
    • Example Rule: gatto locale:it_IT

Page Feed

Input: Google+ Page names

Output: Public activities from the specified page on Google Plus

To track the content of a specific page on Google+, the rule should take one of the forms described below

  • To Track by Page Name, be sure to include a + at the beginning like:
  • To track by numeric Page ID, just enter the ID without a + like:

Sample Payloads