Language Detection 2.0

Gnip’s language detection enrichment is deprecated and is not available on 2.0 products. Please use Twitter’s language classification value, which supports more languages and can be found here in the payload for 2.0 products.

  • Original Format: lang
  • Activity Streams Format: twitter_lang

The Historical PowerTrack, Search, and PowerTrack APIs support filtering based on language data. See the appropriate product documentation for more details on what operators are available for filtering on language data.

For Historical PowerTrack API requests made for time periods before February 2013 (when Twitter’s language detection enrichment became available), we will insert the Gnip-derived language into the payload in the same location.

For more details on Twitter’s language detection values, please see documentation here and search for the ‘lang’ section.

To see documentation for the 1.0 version of the Gnip Language Detection enrichment, click here.