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Rule Limits

Information on managing rule limits.

Migrating Code to Gnip 2.0

A guide for migrating code to Gnip 2.0 products.

Migrating PowerTrack Rules from Version 1.0 to 2.0

A guide for migrating PowerTrack rules to Gnip 2.0 products.

Updating Twitter Hosebird Client for PowerTrack 2.0

Tips for successfully streaming PT 2.0 data with Hosebird Client.

Consuming Streaming Data

Tips for successfully streaming data.

Converting Data from JSON to CSV

A Ruby tool for Converting Data from JSON to CSV with Tweet Templates

Storing Dynamic and Static Metadata - Part 3

Storing dynamic and static metadata in relational databases

Storing Twitter Metadata Arrays - Part 2

Storing Twitter metadata in relational databases

Storing Twitter Data in Relational Databases - Part 1

An introduction to Storing Twitter Data in Relational Databases

Example Relational Database Schemas

Example Relational Database Schemas

Visualizing Twitter Geo Data

Describes the processes involved in plotting geotagged Tweets on a map built in d3, useful in web based visualization.

Consuming, Parsing, and Processing Tweets with Python

Explores a Python script that performs a simple but complete parsing of JSON-formatted social media data, such as would be streamed or downloaded from a Gnip API endpoint.

Data and Rule Management with jq

Tips on how to use jq to inspect JSON data, debug invalid PowerTrack rules, and generate new PowerTrack rules from a plain-text file.

Honoring User Intent on Twitter

An overview of honoring user intent and privacy on Twitter.

Planning for High-Volume Social Data Events

Overview of best practices for preparing for high-volume social data events.

Downloading Historical PowerTrack Files

Help with downloading Historical PowerTrack data files

Capturing Tweets with Photos and Videos

Understand how media data and links are represented in Twitter data, and how to capture them.

Twitter Geo-Referencing: An Example Use-case

An example use-case for how to use Twitter location data.

Twitter Geographical Metadata

An overview of geographic metadata in Twitter.

Identifying and Understanding Retweets & Quote Tweets

A comprehensive look at Retweets & Quote Tweets and how to use them in social data analysis.

Filtering Twitter by Location

An overview of the different types of location data available in Twitter, and the filtering options for each type.