Historical PowerTrack API

Historical PowerTrack gives you complete and comprehensive access to every publicly available Tweet, ever.


Key features and core concepts.

Rules & Filtering

List of supported operators and more.

API Reference

How to make a request to the API.

Code Samples

Code snippets to get your started.


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API Summary

This is a job-based API that provides filtered access to every publicly available Tweet, ever. The API supports up to 1000 PowerTrack rules per job to support even the most complex set of filters.

Change Log

  • [01/23/2017] Quote Tweet filtering is now supported.
  • [01/23/2017] Quoted Tweets are now fully rehydrated within HPT Tweet payloads.
  • [01/17/2017] Quote_count and reply_count now availabale in original format payloads.

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