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Converting Data from JSON to CSV

posted on 30 November 2015 by Jim Moffitt

Converting Data from JSON to CSV json2csv Customers often ask us about converting Tweet JSON into comma-separated values (CSV). These customers have received Twitter data from a Gnip Product such as Historical PowerTrack, 30-Day Search or Full-Archive Search, which all encode Tweets in JSON. The reasons for this are numerous, from wanting to work with a sample of the data in a spreadsheet, or needing to import the data into a relational database or legacy system. The CSV format’s value is in its simplicity, and most software systems are able to import it. To help with this process, the json2csv... keep reading

Disconnections Explained

Descriptions of types of disconnections that can occur while working with streaming data.

08 May 2015

Storing Dynamic and Static Metadata - Part 3

Storing dynamic and static metadata in relational databases

26 March 2015

Storing Twitter Metadata Arrays - Part 2

Storing Twitter metadata in relational databases

03 March 2015

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