Gnip Support

Get Started

What is Gnip?

General overview of Gnip and term glossary.

Intro to Activity Streams

Learn the basics of Gnip's implementation of the Activity Streams data schema.

Types of Data Sources

Understand complete-access and public API-access data sources.

PowerTrack / Firehose Walkthrough

Configure and get connected to PowerTrack and Firehose streams.

Data Collector Walkthrough

Introductory walkthrough of Gnip's Data Collector.

Search API Walkthrough

Start sending Data and Counts requests to Gnip's Search API.

Get going quickly with our code examples

PowerTrack / Firehose Stream

Connect to the PowerTrack and Firehose streams.

PowerTrack Rule Management

Add, delete, and list rules on the PowerTrack Rules API.

Historical PowerTrack

Create and manage Historical PowerTrack jobs.

Search API

Send Search and Counts requests to the Search API.

Rehydration API

Request Tweets via the Rehydration API.

Data Collector Stream

Connect to the streaming endpoint of Data Collector streams.

Data Collector Polling

Retrieve data from your Data Collector with GET polling.

Data Collector Rule Management

Add, delete, and list rules on your Data Collector feeds.