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Planning for High-Volume Social Data Events

posted on 04 June 2014 by Mark Callahan, Jim Moffitt

Major national and global events are often accompanied by dramatic spikes in user activity across social media platforms. Sometimes these events are known about in advance, like the Super Bowl, political elections, and New Year’s celebrations around the world. Other times, the spikes in volume are due to unexpected happenings such as natural disasters, unplanned political events, or surprise pop culture moments like Ellen’s famous selfie Tweet at the Oscars. These bursts of user activity can be short-lived (measured in seconds) or they may be sustained over several minutes’ time. No matter their origin, it is important to consider the... keep reading

Downloading Historical PowerTrack Files

Help with downloading Historical PowerTrack data files

20 May 2014

Translating Plain Language to PowerTrack Rules

How to transform a statement of the types of content you need into a PowerTrack filtering rule.

17 April 2014

PowerTrack Video Walkthrough

An introductory walkthrough video for using Gnip's realtime PowerTrack streams.

16 April 2014

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